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About Home Systems Pvt. Ltd.1) Broadband Internet :

"Home NetTm" an Internet Product of Home Systems Pvt Ltd use a new fiber optic based broadband network and is powered by Home Systems Pvt Ltd (Mumbai’s leading ISP). This connection permits faster data transmission for all the things you use the internet for:- sending and receiving E-mail, surfing the web, transferring files, accessing news, performing research, chatting, watching videos, listening to music, shopping & much more.

We are also looking Forwad to Connect all Broadband Customers Through Wireless Soon.

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2) Leased Line Internet :
This Internet Service is mainly For Corporates, Offices, Call Centers & for whom who require Dedicate Speed connectivity with Raw bandwidth in 1:1 Ratio. We can connect any commercial offices for their last mile connectivity with Better Rates.

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3) Digital Cable Tv :
15 years ago we brought satellite channels to your tv sets in the form of analog signal and now we proudly present the changing face of technology in the form of digital trnsmission giving you crystal clear picture with digital stereophonic sound to give you a true theatre experience.

The benefits you get:

  • Dvd picture quality with stereophonic sound.
  • An increased capacity of more than 400 channels
  • (currently having 210 channels) upgraded from the previous 120 chnnels.
  • You will later pay only for the channels you view
    (this scheme is soon to be launched in the central suburbs).
  • You can also later avail of the interactive channels on demand.
  • You can also play interactive games.
  • You can listen to worldwide radio stations.
  • Watch your latest fvourite movie / video on demand.
  • You also get programme guide for all the channels so that you do not miss any of your fvourite ones.